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THE FESTIVAL (With apologies to Rupert Brooke)

Thanks very much to Steve Phillips for sending in this poem.

There is a corner of an English field
That is for ever ‘Fairport’.
A ledge, where every August,
We convene
And join our friends,
To walk awhile with them
To Jonah’s Oak,
And listen for the Fairport Bell;
Foretelling music
Sweet and clear,
Which drifts across the countryside
And pleases many an ear.

Two hundred years from now,
When time has flown
(Though who knows where?)
Will they still talk of days
When we all gathered
On this ledge,
Awaiting Fairport?
Simon, Peggy,
Jerry, Ric and Chris -
England’s finest every one;
Reply with a resounding ‘Yes!’
No, Cropredy will not forget,
For Simon’s spirit will whisper still -
‘Same time next year.....’

- Steve Phillips 11/8/2019

Cropredy Set List

Some people have been asking after the set list from Fairport's set at Cropredy this year. You can download it here.

Georgia and Peggy

Peggy and Georgia and friend

Georgia Rose Lucas and Peggy meet an interesting Cropredy visitor!

Photo by Kevin Smith.

Cropredy warm-up dates announced!

Crops warmups

Peggy writes - "The Fairports will be doing the Cropredy Warm up shows at Banbury Trades and Labour Club on 5 & 6 August. We will have special guests joining us on both nights including Dave Mattacks and "Fairport Extension “. This will be a 10 piece line up enabling us to tackle some “big production” items from our past repertoire. Do please join us for these special pre-Cropredy Festival events."

You can buy tickets from the Fairport shop.

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