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Dave Pegg

Home of the official autobiography - Off The Pegg

Full House line up from Mothers

Peggy, Richard and DM

Here's the Full House line up from 1970 in Mothers club Birmingham. This is the same place where I first saw Fairport Convention on November 2nd 1969. It was 22nd birthday. The Fender Jazz bass I am playing was stolen from me . The Les Paul gold top that Richard is playing, he sold to John Martyn.

Swarb at MothersMothers in BirminghamFairport at MothersMothers Club

Vote again with an honest campaign!

Ava march

I am so proud of my grand daughter Ava taking part in the march along with her dad Matt. Simon Nicol did it too, and I would have been there also but had stuff to do here in Brittany. I can’t believe the stupidity of our politicians and the ignorance of the fact that Brexit could never be an advantage for the U.K. Revoke !

Roll us both down the mountain...

One from the archives - Rock Classic Night at Circus Atlas, Munich on 15th November 1983 with Peter John Vettese. Though Peggy would never say so himself - monster playing.

Fairport, the crew, and Saving Grace

Fairport and Saving Grace

Fairport Convention and Robert Plant's new venture Saving Grace, together with friends and crew after the sell-out gig at St. Albans on the recent Winter Tour.

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