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Stand Up! Sit Down! reviewed

Stand Up Sit Down CD cover
Peggy and AJ tour together each November. This collection of ten songs is a summation of seven years of doing so. AJ has a keen eye for observation, a sharp wit for writing and a knack for turning phrases, evident in titles that make you wonder “what on earth could that be like? viz Routine Love, Irishman In Paris and Let Me Tell You How It Works.

This is not a reproduction of their stripped-back, seated live sound – aside from mandolin, Peggy plays electric and bass guitar; La Belle Julia Porter, who co-wrote the songs, adds piano and strings; Adrian Black provides entirely apt clarinet and Mark Walker plays chimes. The songs benefit from these added dimensions.

Try the full-on rock sound of Until the Wall Comes Down or Life’s got its own agenda, a song that could only otherwise exist if Jake Thackery had been transplanted to Basin Street!

There are songs that make you smile, songs to make you think and songs for which the only reaction is “yes – exactly”.

How can you resist a line like “I lost my religion in a poker game”?

The songs are all direct and involve you immediately, but the craft in writing, subtlety of narrative and deftness of observation all reward repeated listens. Even after one listen, those skilfully coined phrases will leap into your head – and you’ll thrash around to recall where it’s from…and when you remember, this album ends up in CD player: it’s an endlessly repeating cycle. Earworms that never get earworn.
- Nigel Schofield, Tykes

The Sailor's Alphabet

Damian Davison has sent us a link to a wonderful film he has created based on the Fairports' version of The Sailor's Alphabet. He has done a great job on it and luckily chose the original Babbacombe Lee version of the song - and not the revised alternate lyric version. Thanks Damian.

PJ and Peggy - Donegan's Gone

Great video that features the track Donegan's Gone from the album that Peggy made with PJ Wright in 2011, Galileo's Apology. Thanks to Tom Robinson for letting us know about this. You can buy Galileo's Apology here.

New Churchfitters video

Here's a great video produced by Chris Short of my fave Breton band - the Churchfitters. Find out more on the Churchfitters' website.

Going, going, gone!

Peggy fan fret bass

Peggy’s fan fret bass that you see here was snapped up by an eager bass player and is no longer for sale.

Peggy's new album!

Stand Up Sit Down CD cover

Now's your chance to enjoy 10 of the fabulous songs Dave Pegg and Anthony John Clarke managed to perform amidst all the gags and laughter on their MIRTH and MISCHIEF autumn tours.

Everybody round here is crazy
Years ago, not now
Routine Love
Life in the Old Dog Yet
Irishman in Paris
Until the wall comes down
Cute Little Angel
Let me tell you how it works
Pitlochry, Loch Lomond and the Nun's gate

£10, plus £1.50 p&p
via paypal.me/standupsitdown

Alternatively, contact Julia via www.anthonyjohnclarke.com website for other ways to obtain!

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