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Dave Pegg

Home of the official autobiography - Off The Pegg

Ian Campbell Folk Group

Ian Campbell Folk Group

Another photo from the archives - from left to right: Peggy, Ian, Lorna Campbell, Brian Clarke and Andy Smith.

Matt Pegg at the Festival Hall

Matt Pegg Journey

I am so proud of my son Matt. Very complex Wakeman music which he handles with apparent ease. Well done Matt - and see you at Cropredy.

Read a review of the Journey to the Centre of the Earth show here.

All Change...


This is the band featured in Who Dares Wins, the movie. From left to right, Gerry Conway, Mark Donahue, me and Jerry Donahue at Maison Rouge Studios.

Calling old Yardleans!

YGS Harmony guitar

Here's Peggy with his Harmony guitar playing at Yardley Grammar school in the early 1960s. Do any old Yardleans recognise themselves on the pic? Drop us an . Thanks to Robert Smith for sending the pic.

And every day's spent...

Rising for the Moon line up

The Rising for the Moon line-up.

Festeno festivities


We had our annual village fete here in our garden last weekend in June and had some great music provided by my dear friends annA Ryder, Noel le Long, Paul Mitchell, Clive Bunker, Tim Mann, Dan ArBraz, Hilary and Tim Dieu De Bellefontaine, Herve and Gilles from “Long John Silver”, James Wood and Franck le Ray. Gilles and Gwendoline performed an amazing Diablo and hoop garden spectacular and a wonderful Chicken curry was cooked up by Richard and Ann Pouncey. Thanks to all our British visitors and Breton neighbours who came along and helped so much in making this such an enjoyable night. Heres a few pics to see what you missed.


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