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Down Where the Drunkards Roll

It was a great honour to be asked to play at Richard's 70th birthday bash at the Albert Hall. I don’t know why I was chosen to sing 'Down where the Drunkards Roll' - though I do love the song, and had practised it every day the week before the gig. I did the rehearsal at 1.00pm and that went well despite Simon's absence (courtesy of Thomas Cook). Around 4.00pm I experienced a dreadful attack of stage fright which previously had only happened to me once before in Toronto on my first gig with Jethro Tull. I literally had a huge panic attack, and couldn’t even remember the song I was supposed to sing! I called Ellen and then wrote a crib sheet which I stuck in my pocket. On being announced I dropped it nonchalantly on the stage where it landed upside down! Merde! Thanks To Richard and all for a fab night - and here's me terrified on stage with (in my humble opinion) the world's greatest songwriter/guitarist. Cheers! Peggy

Ashley, Peggy and Simon (just)

Ashley Peggy and Simon

Ashley Hutchings, Peggy and Simon Nicol (who only just made it) backstage at Richard Thompson's 70th birthday bash at the Royal Albert Hall.

Bass playing greats together at last

peggy and derek

Peggy and the great Derek Smalls, together backstage at Richard Thompson's recent 70th birthday bash at the Royal Albert Hall. Bass playing royalty!

New Fairport Album!


Fairport are back in Woodworm Studios in October to record a new album - Shuffle and Go - which will be available on the Winter Tour; tickets are now on sale. We have 13 new items to record and are very pleased with the chosen material. It will be nice to be back on the road for a few dates in the UK and to be going to Portugal for Costa del Folk. We are working on a new tour programme too with some great help from Nigel Schofield, who has constructed a 1970 calendar of Fairport's activities.

2020 celebrates the 50th anniversary of the release of the Full House album - and marks my 50th year of being a Fairporter.

Please do come and see us and book your tickets for the Winter Tour.

See you soon, cheers Peggy , Simon, Ric, Chris and Gerry.

WANTED: Sandy's 12-string guitar


I sold a Guild 12-string that used to belong to Sandy in 2005 when Christine and I were divorcing. If any one knows of its current whereabouts Linda Kenis is very keen to buy it and give it to Sandy's daughter, Georgia Lucas, as a gift.

This is a lovely idea of Linda's and Georgia is playing the piano and the guitar now and would be over the moon to have a guitar that her Mom played.

If anyone can help please let me know at

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