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Home of the official autobiography - Off The Pegg

In One End


Peggy writes: "Back in 1977, myself and Simon and Bruce went for a couple of days to the lovely village of Southwold as guests of the Adnams brewery. Chris Leslie and his brother John, myself and a friend of ours Arthur Conduit had written the songs and music for a film about the brewing process and Southwold. We were forced to drink Adnams ale and mime to our soundtrack which I had recorded in our cottage in Cropredy. Simon and I had mislaid the door key to the Crown hotel and in order to get in, I climbed a drainpipe in the early hours.Pre hip op obviously!. This is a lovely little film which you might remember seeing when we had Broughton castle as the venue for our festival. Enjoy!"

Watch the In One End video in full, for free.

Rare Fairport line-up photo

Roger Hill and Tom Farnell

Recently I had a conversation with a guy from Brum who said he had purchased a Gibson Les Paul guitar that Roger Hill had played when he was in Fairport. Sadly, I told him that I couldn’t remember Roger playing a Les Paul but I was wrong! Here's the proof.

So, apologies from me re that. My mate Paul Mitchell said he had a pic, and here it is!

(Also I am playing a Fender Jazz bass which I loved, but sadly got nicked. If anyone can shed any light on its whereabouts, there would be a reward for sure.)

Photo of Swarb, Pegg, Roger Hill and Tom Parnell courtesy of Paul Mitchell.

Cropredy warm-up dates announced!

Crops warmups

Peggy writes - "The Fairports will be doing the Cropredy Warm up shows at Banbury Trades and Labour Club on 5 & 6 August. We will have special guests joining us on both nights including Dave Mattacks and "Fairport Extension “. This will be a 10 piece line up enabling us to tackle some “big production” items from our past repertoire. Do please join us for these special pre-Cropredy Festival events."

You can buy tickets from the Fairport shop.

Peggy sets sail...


Peggy chosen to be a sail at the Cutty Sark today.

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