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WANTED: Sandy's 12-string guitar


I sold a Guild 12-string that used to belong to Sandy in 2005 when Christine and I were divorcing. If any one knows of its current whereabouts Linda Kenis is very keen to buy it and give it to Sandy's daughter, Georgia Lucas, as a gift.

This is a lovely idea of Linda's and Georgia is playing the piano and the guitar now and would be over the moon to have a guitar that her Mom played.

If anyone can help please let me know at

Cropredy Set List

Some people have been asking after the set list from Fairport's set at Cropredy this year. You can download it here.

All Change...


This is the band featured in Who Dares Wins, the movie. From left to right, Gerry Conway, Mark Donahue, me and Jerry Donahue at Maison Rouge Studios.

Calling old Yardleans!

YGS Harmony guitar

Here's Peggy with his Harmony guitar playing at Yardley Grammar school in the early 1960s. Do any old Yardleans recognise themselves on the pic? Drop us an . Thanks to Robert Smith for sending the pic.

And every day's spent...

Rising for the Moon line up

The Rising for the Moon line-up.

Full House line up from Mothers

Peggy, Richard and DM

Here's the Full House line up from 1970 in Mothers club Birmingham. This is the same place where I first saw Fairport Convention on November 2nd 1969. It was 22nd birthday. The Fender Jazz bass I am playing was stolen from me . The Les Paul gold top that Richard is playing, he sold to John Martyn.

Swarb at MothersMothers in BirminghamFairport at MothersMothers Club

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