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Maart's book - can you help?

Maart's wife Jan writes:

"Maart’s last few hours were spent with him telling me his wishes about his book and I promised that I would finish it for him. I now feel ready to do this but I need some help. Maart had written chapters up to 1990 along with other paragraphs and ideas. I am trawling through his emails and other documents on his computer as it is important that as much as possible is written in Maart’s own words. I’m looking for transcripts/recordings of any interviews both pre and post 1990 along with any good stories that will be interesting for readers, especially the humorous ones that gave Maart such delight. Obviously, I have all Fairport’s tour/Cropredy programmes and some of Tull’s along with videos/DVDs made about Fairport. I also have the Q&A session that Maart did on Talkawhile which has provided me with some valuable information. Is there anyone out there who recorded Maart’s farewell speech at Cropredy?

I don’t want anyone to go to a lot of trouble in providing me with something that I already have so, if you have any suggestions or can point me in the right direction please email me first at

Hard copies of anything can be sent to me:

Jan Lane
PO Box 31
LL46 2WQ

Yes, I have always kept my maiden name!

Many, many thanks in advance,"


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