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New track for Help Musicians charity

Arthur Brown's Crazy World of Lockdown has released a version of House of the Rising Sun to help raise money for the Help Musicians charity. Along with Peggy, the recording features former Big Country bass player Tony Butler, Josh Phillips, John Altman, Alan Clayton, Terl Bryant and Paul Mitchell. 

House Of The Rising Sun will be released on July 24 on all streaming platforms. All proceeds will be donated to Help Musicians.

Help Musicians' Chief Executive James Ainscough explains: “As other parts of the UK economy are given the green light to reopen, a return to capacity for the live music sector still seems a distant prospect. Musicians will need direct financial help from the government for many more months to come. 

"The current Self-Employed Income Support Scheme leaves many musicians unsupported and, when it ends, even more will only have Universal Credit to turn to, which does not provide a level of financial support to sustain people over the long-term." 

Ainscough continues: "The music industry is a crucial element of the UK economy and we have all seen the true value of music to connect us and lift our spirits during lockdown. We all need to rally round and do what we can to support musicians over the coming months.

“The government must do more to help the music industry, which currently generates over £5billion a year to the UK economy. It’s so much more than supporting an industry in its time of need – it’s a critical investment.” 

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