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Georgia Rose's Masters of Folk

A message from Georgia Rose: 

Dear Fairport Friends,

Well it’s been at least eight months in the making - maybe more - and it’s one of the biggest projects I’ve ever done, but I’ve finally finished the Masters of Folk poster.

Stage one was sketching all of our folk heroes: one by one on A2 with lead pencil; then taking it to the next level with colour. The amount of paper I went through to do this! Getting some of them wrong and having to start all over again – it was a big job!

Stage two was taking it further still and scanning them all into photoshop and making a collage. It was like a game of Tetris and the amount of times I had to change it around I thought it was never gonna end.

Finally I got that bit right and it was time to start on the border. At  first it was just a plain leafy border but then I started thinking about songs that the band had played and that’s when the puzzle border started to take form.

Clues to the titles of over 20 of our favourite songs are hidden in the border.

I’ve decided to print out a limited edition of 100 copies to sign and sell.

I thought I’d do the puzzle key because not all the titles would be obvious to everybody. So with the full size poster I’ve included an A4 version  which has each song title printed around the edge  and linked to its clue.
I’ve also created a playlist of all the ‘poster’ songs on iTunes

Along with the Masters of Folk poster, people can buy individual prints of the portraits of their favourite Master (or Masters) of Folk. These portraits are in black-&-white and A2 size.

This project has been a pleasure and I love all the fine folk on the poster very much.
It’s such a shame that that none of us could meet on the field these last two years.

I hope this gives some of all you some joy – and memories of past Cropredy Festivals.

I love to share my art and I couldn’t think of better subjects to choose.

Everyone take care, hugs and kisses all round and until we meet again

Georgia Rose

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