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Roger Burridge R.I.P.

I have news regarding Roger Burridge, who sadly passed  away this week. It is from a friend of his in the U.S.A. Here's what he sent:

"It took 8 years of gentle prodding, but he did share some early memories of growing up in Somerset, playing fiddle with his dad, Oscar, and hitting the Half Moon Club in Yeovil to hear the greats and sometimes play his fiddle on the stage between sets. 

His dad somehow knew Dave Swarbrick enough to get Roger some lessons with him. Rog told me that Swarbrick was like his Jimi Hendrix, and was over the moon to be asked to play with him. 

Roger kept a very low profile, and was shy of any attention, but his fiddle playing didn't go unnoticed. He focused on Irish Trad, and was absolutely savage. Lately he hosted weekly sessions in NH, but pretty much avoided staged gigs. He was always up for private party gigs and whatnot, but no "center-of-attention" stuff. I suspected that stage fright might have been an issue in Fairport, but I never wanted to ask him. 

He truly was a mighty fiddle player, extraordinary at times. Playing tunes with him was a wonderfully fun experience. I consider myself lucky to have had the privilege."

There is a Go Fund Me page that his daughter started to help pay the medical bills, and it describes a little about the circumstances of his passing. 

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