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Meet on the web

We used to say  
There'd come a day  
We'd all keep six feet apart  
It's Social Distancing  
It's not much, but it's a start  

Don't form a group  
Along the road  
Your action will inspire us  
Don't want a friend of mine  
To be blown over by this virus  

Metres on the ledge  
Two metres - make a pledge
Keep your distance up
When you see all your friends
Two metres like a wedge
Bono really means it
He's two metres from the Edge

Isolate and stay alone
That's the only way to be
Don't invite your friends
And you can work from home, easy

Meet on the web
You can meet on the web
You can all link up
You can see all your friends
Meet up online
You can meet up online
If you really stay home
Then things will work out fine

- Nigel Schofield (with RT's 'approval')

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