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Cropredy 2020 postponed until 2021

Hello Fairporters,

As you may have read on our website and social media, we’ve been carefully watching the Covid-19 situation since the onset of the outbreak in the UK.

I’m sorry to announce that we now have no alternative but to postpone Fairport’s Cropredy Convention until 2021. As we have said all along, the safety of everyone – festival-goers, musicians, villagers, suppliers, and our fantastic Cropredy crew – must come first.

The dangers of going ahead would simply be too great, especially as so many of us are in the high-risk category. Covid-19 has already caused a huge amount of suffering and I know I’m not alone in having already lost a friend to this terrible virus.

I am sure that postponing this year’s Cropredy will be as great a disappointment for you as it is for us – we have all been looking forward to our annual party in that field. Let’s all look forward to making up for it over the same weekend in 2021!

The good news is – and it really is good – ALL of the artists booked to appear in August this year have agreed to switch to 2021 with us. 

For more information about tickets, refunds and all other associated information regarding the festival, please visit the Fairport Convention website.

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